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The holidays are over, the summer is not, but still I can smell the autumn even if you tell me that I´m wrong!

One of the things that I enjoy the most during the holidays is the time that I have to read. The beach is really one of my favorite spots, but to be honest wherever it's calm, is good for me too...

This picture is special because it was taken in Algarve near a stream  not far from the beach, but far enough to feel a completely different environment, and the book I was reading at the time is very important to me, even if it´s not a easy  book.

Someone told me that the Japanese bind their book covers, because they thing that what a person is reading is a  private matter. This is not my case, but since that book is huge, paperback and I planned to take some time to finish it - like in fact I did - at lest it could keep the shape...

I put the book down in the chair, went for a walk, and when I returned I saw this.
I thing it´s a very good image.

(in case you are wondering, it's Robert Fisk-The battle of civilization)

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