This isn´t new...

campo di fiori

What I mean with this title is that my idea isn't a new one.
The idea? To make an album of just bike photos...See? I told you... not new...
Nevertheless it´s a good one, is it not?
Really, walking in the streets of cities like Rome and London every minute you see a good picture, but as everyone that took that kind of photo knows, it´s so hard... they don´t stop moving!
But once in awhile you get it.


All you need


The holidays are over, the summer is not, but still I can smell the autumn even if you tell me that I´m wrong!

One of the things that I enjoy the most during the holidays is the time that I have to read. The beach is really one of my favorite spots, but to be honest wherever it's calm, is good for me too...

This picture is special because it was taken in Algarve near a stream  not far from the beach, but far enough to feel a completely different environment, and the book I was reading at the time is very important to me, even if it´s not a easy  book.

Someone told me that the Japanese bind their book covers, because they thing that what a person is reading is a  private matter. This is not my case, but since that book is huge, paperback and I planned to take some time to finish it - like in fact I did - at lest it could keep the shape...

I put the book down in the chair, went for a walk, and when I returned I saw this.
I thing it´s a very good image.

(in case you are wondering, it's Robert Fisk-The battle of civilization)


This is London.


This is London,
Because they say this city is a true metropolis, but for me it doesn't have to do with the size, but more with diversity.
Diversity in people, shops, cultural offer and even traffic.
The traffic part I think is very interesting, because in areas like Shoreditch you see more bikes than in Amsterdam!! Ok...maybe not as much...

But what has struck me most lately? 
Buildings....All kinds of them, from all eras, sizes, and shapes.
Some may say there is no respect for old buildings, but the multiplicity of styles is one of the things that make me say this is a great city!



Simple pleasure

There you have me, I was lost but now the pictures found me again!!!
This one in particular just jumped from my archives to let me know it was time to be published, since it's beach season.

I know that most of us, when thinking about beach, think bikini, sunscreen, maybe a book and for certain sand!
But beach season can mean just holidays, relax time and enjoying the sun.
For sure for me it means water, not that I dive very often in it but I have to see it.
Living in the countryside made me be certain that green is not enough, even if its seas of green, it doesn't reflect the light and that, that is the true horizon that I want to live by.


How many colors?


The post process, for me anyway, is not very consistent. Sometimes I remember a photo and just post, other times I have to go thought the albums and one picture pops up that the previous week hadn't. 
Strange isn't it?
Maybe not, some say it's called mood....
Anyway, these berries just popped up today! Aren't they beautiful? 


Exception 2

This is spring

Hello spring!!
So:  book,  landscape, clear sky, what else can we ask for?
A good picture would be nice...
But the camera stayed at home... I never learn...
The phone was once again there, so click...with the most ordinary technology available I took a picture, and was still amazed with the result. Good light and specialty  the depth that I saw was captured.
Please old old Nikon don't be sad ok?


Should I post this?

The guy

Every one that sees this picture loves it!
But to post in a photo blog....risky. There's no quality in it. Nothing...Bad light, bad focus, even the framing!
But the guy in the back....I could't resist sharing it.
It was one of those moments when in order to have a better photo I coul risk having no photo at all..."If I just move more to the left...if I get more close...if..."
If all that, it would be the perfect portrait, but it's not.