Exception 2

This is spring

Hello spring!!
So:  book,  landscape, clear sky, what else can we ask for?
A good picture would be nice...
But the camera stayed at home... I never learn...
The phone was once again there, so click...with the most ordinary technology available I took a picture, and was still amazed with the result. Good light and specialty  the depth that I saw was captured.
Please old old Nikon don't be sad ok?


Should I post this?

The guy

Every one that sees this picture loves it!
But to post in a photo blog....risky. There's no quality in it. Nothing...Bad light, bad focus, even the framing!
But the guy in the back....I could't resist sharing it.
It was one of those moments when in order to have a better photo I coul risk having no photo at all..."If I just move more to the left...if I get more close...if..."
If all that, it would be the perfect portrait, but it's not.




There it is....a difficult subject in a photo blog? I don't think so.
I have always considered myself a non religious person, but that doesn't mean that I don't like churches. Is is exactly the opposite. I love churches. The quietness, silence, peace...all that.
Of course I have my favorites! In my home town I can say that it is more emotional, but a strange thing happened when I lived in Rome.
I was having a hard day, homesick mix with a sense of non belonging, loneliness...ok the general term is homesick and I walked into a small church in one of those beautiful streets in Rome.
What happened? Peace, and sense of belonging. From that day on I felt the need to go there once in a while to feel more "me".
Is it religious? I would say more spiritual, and even that was a huge surprise to me.
This picture however was taken in London some time ago, in very different circumstances, but  I can say that me and my friend felt exactly the same peace that you can find in some special places.


Blue, White and Yellow.


Hello! Back to Portuguese scenery....
It's spring time, the light is much brighter, all the colors seem sharper and in my eyes every thing looks nicer.
At first glance there's nothing special with this view. A part of a building, straight lines, white walls, but then... then you see the warm light and  you can remember the feeling of the sun in your skin, and think that that wall must feel the same comfort that it provides us.

Don't you just want to lay in the sun, like a lizard?
Simple pleasures...