There it is....a difficult subject in a photo blog? I don't think so.
I have always considered myself a non religious person, but that doesn't mean that I don't like churches. Is is exactly the opposite. I love churches. The quietness, silence, peace...all that.
Of course I have my favorites! In my home town I can say that it is more emotional, but a strange thing happened when I lived in Rome.
I was having a hard day, homesick mix with a sense of non belonging, loneliness...ok the general term is homesick and I walked into a small church in one of those beautiful streets in Rome.
What happened? Peace, and sense of belonging. From that day on I felt the need to go there once in a while to feel more "me".
Is it religious? I would say more spiritual, and even that was a huge surprise to me.
This picture however was taken in London some time ago, in very different circumstances, but  I can say that me and my friend felt exactly the same peace that you can find in some special places.

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