But dad!

Red ball

It´s good to change...change taste, change focus, change goal, I think it means that you are growing, discovering other things that give you pleasure, or satisfy you in any way. I'm sounding very philosophic and it's not what I want!
Ok, what I want to say is, that in terms of photography, every day I'm enjoying more taking pictures of people that I see in the streets. I wasn't like that at all, if I look at my old films, it's hard to find any portraits, it´s mostly landscape, which I still do.
But portraits....it's my new thing.
My problem is, that since I don´t carry my big, heavy camera with me all the time there is a lot of portraits that are captured only by my eyes...
But this one, I didn't miss. Red boots, red ball, the kid's face... love it!

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